Thursday, July 17, 2014

811 Days

It's been 811 days since my last post.

That's two years, two months and 20 days.

We're all still here, the Old Man and our three sons, and me, the Old Lady.

Here's a recap of my time away from you.


Christian had his heart ablation and the accessory connector was removed, successfully.

In May I was assigned to a new position at the newspaper, returning to reporting and writing, and working remotely from home.

I started to explore my grandmother's attic.

On June 29, our town was a victim of the North American derecho that killed 22 people. Our family lost electric power for four days. We were spared any severe damage to our home. I, however, was traumatized.

I developed "Mouse Elbow."

We bought a generator.

I read Lorle Porter's book "Sara's Table: Keeping House in Ohio - 1800-1950."
The Old Man became a grandfather, and I became a stepgrandmother.

I learned I was officially in menopause.

I had a heart-to-heart talk about Santa Claus with Lee (who was 10 at the time).


Our longtime child care provider fired our family.

I enjoyed the brief return of Cheesy Tots, my all-time favorite food snack, at a well-known fast food restaurant.

I decided I'd better find out what was the source of swelling in the right axillary breast area of my armpit.

Several tests and a bit later swollen lymph nodes detected.

I quit smoking!

Lee had his left nostril cauterized after suffering from frequent and heavy nosebleeds.

I made my TV debut on a Cleveland station. The reporter and videographer interviewed me at our house about my experience with identity theft via the IRS.

I found my mother in the farmhouse attic.

In May, Christian received a clean bill of health and was deemed cured.

I thought about becoming a falconer.

I started removing the wallpaper from our bedroom.

We bought a boat.

We gave away our three-legged cat Whiskers after I no longer could tolerate the allergies.

I got to experience the joy of being on a team when Christian joined Babe Ruth baseball.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

We enjoyed following the Cambridge cross country team and watching Will run with the middle school pack.

I got my first full-body massage.

I regularly watched the TV shows "Parenthood," "Switched at Birth," "Saturday Night Live," "Breaking Amish," "Gold Rush," "Live from Daryl's House," "Myrtle Manor."

Will and Christian got braces.

In October, I hired a cleaning lady.

We hosted a Minecraft-themed birthday party in November.


I managed to live through two dozen calamity days from school with three boys while working from home.

I finished removing the wallpaper from our bedroom walls.

The cleaning lady quit.

The swollen lymph nodes in the carotid artery area of my neck finally went away after eight scary months.

We took a weekend road trip to Deer Creek State Park and I photographed sunrise.

We followed Will as he traveled with the track and field team, jumping hurdles and running great distances.

I started a recipe column - Vintage Family Fixin's - that was published every other Sunday in the newspaper.

I helped my grandmother celebrate her 88th birthday.

I bought Season One of "Little House on the Prairie" on DVD.

Christian completed his eighth grade advanced art ceiling tile project of Pablo Picasso.

I got fired from my job of 25 years over an error in a headline that I did not write.

Here's my newspaper desk in a tote. I think there's a Soopr Day post in here somewhere ...

I wrote a new resume but for the first time in my adult life I didn't have to go to work.

The Old Man continues to do his job well so I can stay home, for now.

I signed up for COBRA.

I slept past 9, 10, 11 and noon.

I thank God.

I hug and kiss my boys and the Old Man.

I write.