Saturday, January 17, 2015

The end is near

The notice arrived yesterday.

"The end is near," it reads.

It is the end of my paid subscription to the newspaper where I was employed for a quarter of a century.

I'm relieved.

This is something I've been waiting on since May when I was fired.

Apparently I had my subscription paid through the end of this month and I continue to receive home delivery of the newspaper.

Those who know I got fired cannot believe I even still read the newspaper. They are like "I would have stopped my subscription as soon as I got my pink slip!"

But I paid for it so I'm going continue to take it.

It's not like they are going to give me a refund.

So first I look at the obituaries.

Then I look at the classifieds, and I always look at the auctions on Thursdays. Some day I'd like to go to an auction.

I sometimes read a whole front page story like the one about the man who fell from the Guernsey County Courthouse. Mr. Casto.

Written by the woman who was hired to take my place. Uggghhhh! But the story is magnificent.

I don't have any animosity toward her.

Just her bosses who didn't even say good-bye or thank me for the good things I did for the paper.

So now I'm trying to forgive them for that.

It will be good that soon I will no longer be reminded daily of this place.