Friday, November 13, 2009

Courthouse holiday light show

The Guernsey County Courthouse holiday light show started running Thursday night and we've seen it twice already. We went back tonight to get some video to share and capture Lee conducting the "orchestra" and in this case "the choir" which he did last night too. An added element of excitement tonight was the cop car that zoomed up the Parkway. My kids love the light show. So do I. It's a great tourism tool for our tiny town. It brings bus loads of visitors to Cambridge in November and December. Oh, and did I mention the light show is secondary to the Dickens Victorian Village. But I'm not so much a fan of these heavily-clothed mannequins as I am the light show extravaganza. Unfortunately our camera (Nikon CoolPixL3) doesn't take very good video (video removed due to poor quality). Lee is conducting all the while but you can hardly see him there on the left. For more on Dickens and the light show, visit


  1. I really, really miss the lights in Cambridge. There was nothing like coming down Wheeling Avenue with the trees lit on an icy winter evening.

  2. Guernsey County has done such a good job over the past decade in reinventing itself. It puts Jefferson County to shame. We tell everyone we know about the Byesville train rides and the Christmas displays. I haven't seen the C.H. lights yet. That'll be on our list this year.