Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Toy Story 3' disappoints

Spoiler alert!
If you haven’t seen “Toy Story 3” yet and you plan to, turn away now!
The first thing I am going to share with you, for the record, are definitions of Motion Picture Association of America film rating system.
A “G” rating - General Audiences, means all ages admitted.
A “PG” rating - Parental Guidance Suggested – means some material may not be suitable for children.

Within hours of seeing “Toy Story 3” on opening day, I posted on Facebook: “It’s good and probably better in 3D, which we saw. I’m not sure how it got a G rating. A little intense … dark … I nodded off once …”

An event I’ve waited years for, the third installment of one of my favorite movies ever – “Toy Story” – hit the big screen last Friday.

My family bought tickets online the night before, anticipating a full house at the nearby movie theater that has comfortable stadium seating.

We were the first to enter the auditorium. The five of us. Two 40-somethings and three boys under the age of 10. We were all excited about Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s new adventure.

What happens to Andy’s toys when he goes to college?

I love the first two movies, equally. I can’t pick a favorite, but I know without a doubt the Birthday Party and Yard Sale Toy Stories will remain my favs.

Overall I enjoyed “Toy Story 3” – how can you not like a Disney and Pixar film?????

But honestly, I was disappointed.

I waited to express my displeasure, here, so as to not ruin it for a co-worker and well-read blogger who I just know would’ve snuck a peek at my blog had she known about it. And that would have been devastating to Firemom (stopdropandblog.com) who saw “Toy Story 3” with her family yesterday, has already blogged about it, so I’m good to go …

My biggest complaint about the film was that it should have been rated PG. There was a bit too much adult reference about it. And though these parts probably went right over my kids’ heads, I felt uncomfortable. Too many innuendos for G.

I despised the gambling scene in the top of the vending machine where Buzz is brainwashed (his switch is turned to Demo and then he’s Reset). During this scene a Fisher Price See ‘n Say serves as the poker table and there’s a nice supply of Monopoly money and other props used in a social situation that was simply not necessary. Gambling is not necessary in a film seen by first graders. Sorry. What was the purpose of that scene?

I was surprised by the use of the word SUICIDE by Woody. And because of this I lost a little respect for the famous cowboy that day.

And, Newcomer Lotso’s “Godfather” script was unappreciated by this mother. Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that scented bear another day.

I thought the ride to the incinerator was way too long and very violent. Seemed more like a highway to hell to me than an eventual escape route during a G movie.

Big Baby, a clever addition to the cast of toys, nearly sent me over the edge with its cry. The sad doll’s story made ME cry. I love Big Baby.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, there was something that felt disjointed with this film. The first two films are all about teamwork and while there was some teamwork there was a lot of division in the finale - separating Woody didn't make sense to me. Maybe there were too many characters "Toy Story 3." There were 302 to be exact.

My eyes watered at the end but not because I was really enjoying the interaction between Andy and Bonnie. Andy’s known Bonnie how long and they’re playing like preschool pals??? Ughhhh.

I teared up because I was thinking about my three sons leaving home and what it will be like when we say good-bye.

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