Monday, October 31, 2011

The Last Pumpkin

Imagine that you are a pumpkin - the last pumpkin in the field. The nights are getting colder and there is snow in the air. Won't someone come and take you home to a nice warm house? You hear voices and see someone coming toward you ...

I'm in a pumpkin patch. I've been dreaming for this day for months. I see a teen-ager with his dog. The dog is a black lab. He is sniffing me. His nose felt so wet and moist. He walked away. His dog didn't want to go. Then he jerked the leash and the dog went with him. I saw him looking at the other ones. Just then I was getting tired. I tried to keep my eyes open. Then I saw him. He was coming toward me. He picked me up, took me to his house, put me on his porch, and lit me.
Written in October 2010 by Will, 9, as part of a fourth-grade writing assignment.

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