Monday, July 20, 2009


Just came in the house and found Lee (superhero son) looking at a book called The Beginners Bible "Jesus Walks on Water." This story facinates Lee, who through a really cool nightly routine, is learning about Jesus and God.

For as long as we can remember, David (the Old Man) has prayed nightly with the children. Christian has his own room and just before bedtime, the boys and their father gather in Lee and Will's room for some conversation that sometimes turns silly but always ends in David asking the boys: "What do you want to thank God for today?" Their answers are simple and sometimes awesome. A lot of times they thank God for material things like Nintendo DS, PlayStation, skateboards, etc. but a lot of times they thank God for the sun, moon, stars, grass, trees, food and water, mom and dad, and Mary, Joseph and Jesus!

This routine is followed by The Lord's Prayer and Now I Lay Me prayer.

Anyway, today, Lee announced, "I'm going to draw a picture of God," after I asked him if he was going to draw a picture of Jesus because he was eyeing the cover of the book.

Here's what Lee says God looks like.
He has fiery eyes, white hair and a white beard, and he has white hands.
He is wearing a white robe with a golden belt.
"He has powers," says Lee.

Lee's picture of God is posted here.

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  1. Absolutely priceless...I bet Lee and Zoey would be instant friends