Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yard sale kitty

We're having a yard sale Friday.
Aside from marking all the merchandise is having a yard sale kitty ready to start the sale. I obtained this monetary list in the late '90s from from a library book. I wrote the information down and have kept it in my yard sale folder for reference.
The $50 kitty
-15 one-dollar bills ($15)
-3 five-dollar bills ($15)
-1 ten-dollar bill ($10)
Plus $10 in change:
-15 dimes ($1.50)
- 10 nickles (50 cents)
- 32 quarters ($8)
A kitty this size will allow you to immediately break that $20 bill that someone hands you for a 50-cent item.
I keep my money in a lidded coffee container. As the sale progresses I take big bills in the house for safekeeping.
At one sale this summer I saw a woman wearing tube socks. After I paid she folded the money and slipped it into her sock for safe keeping.
When adding up the profits from your sale make sure you subtract $50 from the total so you have an accurate record of your earnings.
Happy yard saling!

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